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C-Aware is an RCUK-funded project which, as part of the Energy Programme’s Transforming Energy Demand Through Digital Innovation (TEDDI) portfolio, is exploring mechanisms by which technology might alter society’s consumption of energy for the better. Specifically, my activities within C-Aware have focused on bringing together and involving staff from workplaces in a user-centred process of design of simple technologies to feedback information about their work-related energy consumption. I have organised and run a series of workshops in workplaces in UK and China that have familiarised staff with this type of emerging technology, and facilitated discussion within the workplaces around their current energy-consuming practices and potential gains in efficiency that changes to their behaviour, policy and infrastructure might bring.

A short overview of the justification for the workshops was presented at the Transnational HCI workshop at CHI 2011:

  • B. Bedwell and J. Shao, “C-Aware: Introduction to a Case Study of Cross-Cultural Participatory Design of Persuasive Visualizations,” in Workshop on Transnational HCI at CHI 2011, 2011.
        abstract = {Globalization is a financial motivator for cross-cultural design, yet global responsibility for {CO2} emissions (which are a key contributor to climate change) forces us to consider how existing design knowledge for persuasive technologies might be rapidly and effectively transferred across national boundaries to encourage beneficial energy-related behavior change. In this short paper we introduce the {C-Aware} project, its aims regarding persuasive displays relating to emissions, and the project's user-centered participatory approach to design that involves staff from three workplaces: two in the {UK} and one in China. The paper outlines a set of cultural uncertainties that may impact on emissions-related displays and on the suitability of participatory design, and states how the chosen design approach hopes to raise and address these. The planned activities will take place in the first half of the year, and it is intended that the results will be reported at the Transnational {HCI} workshop.},
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I am reusing some of the methods from C-Aware in the new C-tech project.

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