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Future Garden

In the first year of my PhD I participated in the deployment and evaluation of the Future Garden project: a collaboration between the Mixed Reality Lab, the University of Nottingham Architectural History and Theory Group, Dance4 and Willi Dorner. Future Garden allowed members of the public to explore the hidden past, present and future of Nottingham’s Sneinton Market through a PDA-based multimedia walking guide. The guide allowed participants to structure their own walk through the market, linking segments of audio and video to interactive installations by following visual clues sprayed on the surrounding environment.

The event was produced as part of the 2006 nottdance festival.

An overview of the experience and its results was presented at TIDSE’06 and published by Springer:

  • [DOI] H. Schnädelbach, J. Hale, W. Dorner, B. Bedwell, S. Benford, and J. Mardell, “Future Garden,” in Technologies for Interactive Digital Storytelling and Entertainment, 2006, pp. 346-351.
        abstract = {The Eastern edge of Nottingham ({UK}) city centre is undergoing substantial restructuring, which will have a major impact on the people living in the area. Future Garden is an interactive story, delivered on a handheld {PDA} device, which explores the past, present and possible futures of Sneinton Market, one part of the area to be re-developed. This paper introduces Future Garden including its novel navigation interface based on video and self-reporting and some early results of the still ongoing evaluation. Keywords: mobile {HCI}, storytelling, interactive, urban regeneration.},
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