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The Homework project sought to bring together a range of academic expertise in order to fundamentally reconsider the home network from the perspective of the home user.

Within the Mixed Reality Lab I investigated a range of different interfaces for controlling and understanding the network. My contribution was a combination of desktop application and Arduino to produce a probe that can be moved around the home to expose characteristics of the network.

A larger set of images can be found here.

The project produced a number of publications; my contribution is detailed in the following two:

  • R. Mortier, B. Bedwell, K. Glover, T. Lodge, T. Rodden, C. Rotsos, A. W. Moore, A. Koliousis, and J. Sventek, “Supporting Novel Home Network Management Interfaces with Openflow and NOX,” in SIGCOMM 2011 demo track, 2011.
        abstract = {The Homework project1 has examined redesign of existing home network infrastructures to better support the needs and requirements of actual home users. Integrating results from several ethnographic studies, we have designed and built a home networking platform providing detailed per- flow measurement and management capabilities supporting several novel management interfaces.},
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  • J. Sventek, A. Koliousis, N. Dulay, D. Pediaditakis, T. Rodden, T. Lodge, O. Sharma, M. Sloman, B. Bedwell, K. Glover, and R. Mortier, “An Information Plane Architecture Supporting Home Network Management,” in Integrated Network Management, 2011.
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