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Nemi Anywhere

Developed through Nottingham Universities Digital Humanities Center Leonardo fellowship, artist Theresa Caruana is working with Dr Katharina Lorenze and Nottingham City Museums and Galleries curator Ann Insker to explore how an archaeological site and its artifacts can be represented to visitors away from the physical site.

Theresa has used the Anywhere 2 platform to create Nemi Anywhere – a public art trail reinterpreting the Sanctuary of Diana at Lake Nemi, Italy, in Nottingham’s Highfields Park. Nemi shares a significant amount of topographical features with Highfields (a lake at the base of steep banks surrounded by woodland) facilitating an artistic reinterpretation that encompasses the unique characteristics of the sanctuary site as well as its artifacts.

Audio delivered via the Anywhere 2 mobile app linked physical artworks placed around Highfields Park, as well as installations such as the digital media installation shown in the video below:

Our collaboration on digital exhibition at Highfields Park is continuing in the Art in Your Park project.

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Client: University of Nottingham, Theresa Caruana