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Rivers Baghdad

In 2009 I began collaborating with Theresa Caruana, a Nottingham-based artist specialising in collage, live performance and projection, to extend and combine our current interests (both sharing a desire to enliven space with technology).

We developed a platform using a flexible combination of hardware and software through which a designer can add web-based content to a virtual landscape for others to reveal or to give an engaging presentation where the virtual landscape provides geographical context. An arrangement of multiple projections and a motion-sensitive mobile phone turns exploration of the virtual landscape into a group activity where the audience may take on varying degrees of involvement, while the use of spatial gestures to manipulate the virtual environment is both intuitive and compelling. The video above demonstrates an early prototype built upon the platform.

I developed the prototype into an installation that was deployed in the Rivers Baghdad exhibition, curated by Meredith Gunderson, which showcased a range of different forms of artwork created by Theresa. A selection of images of the Rivers Baghdad exhibition can be found here. The exhibition also featured in a news report for Iraqi television:

I wrote a paper on research findings from evaluating the installation in use at the exhibition for ISPD 2012:

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Client: University of Nottingham, Theresa Caruana, Meredith Gunderson