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Wander Anywhere

Leveraging experience of developing authoring support tools in previous Anywhere projects, Wander Anywhere is a web-based platform that allows users to create and manage collections of location-based media through a web-browser to create novel mobile experiences.

To build on the interest in Anywhere 2, I redesigned Anywhere 2 from scratch to be more scalable and maintainable. Specifically, I now use WordPress as a content management system, having extended it to support location-based content and to open up a location-aware API to deliver Anywhere content to other web applications.

The public content hosted on the Wander Anywhere platform is currently browsable at, and the API for accessing and querying the content can be found here.

In the quest to produce more case studies to demonstrate the value of location-based media through Wander Anywhere, I am working on two projects: Art in Your Park with Theresa Caruana, and Wander Thoresby with James Parkinson from the Stonebridge Trust and Gaby Neher from University of Nottingham.